Obesity can lead to heart disease, stroke and diabetes – avoid or reduce these issues with lasting sustainable weight loss.

At Doc Weight Loss we are Medical Doctors and weight loss is all we do – No crowded primary care, chiropractor or food and supplement sales office. We dedicate our focus on you: the Patient.

We do use prescription appetite suppressants including phentermine (Adipex) and other medications in our treatment protocols.

We are the only dedicated, specialty medical weight loss clinics in northeast Florida. Our patient population consists of those with no health problems to those with multiple medical issues on numerous medications. To deal with an increasingly common health issue our Centers offer specialized treatment for diabetes patients wanting to reduce or eliminate medication dependence.

If you think medical weight management is for you or you would like to learn more about this process, please call (904) 222-8500 or Contact Us to speak with one of our caring staff or directly to a physician.

Note: we do not accept insurance and we do charge a premium for our programs. All our programs are “All-inclusive” and include all prescription appetite suppressants, B12 Lipolytic injections and necessary nutritional supplements. Patients are seen in our clinics every one to two weeks. We have convenient locations in Jacksonville and Orange Park. We are close to Jacksonville Beach, Ponte Vedra Beach, Middleburg, Fleming Island and Green Cove Springs.

So, if you are tired of trying programs and fad diets only to gain the weight back – Do not give up. We have the answers. The Doc Weight Loss Physician-Directed Weight Loss program will help you lose the weight and change your lifestyle so you live healthier way of life. Our programs are personalized for each individual patient, focused on your needs and goals.* The only miracle in any treatment is you. Results vary between individuals.

Six Crucial Points that make the Doc Weight Loss Difference:

#1: We are a professional medical treatment facility and charge for our services accordingly. As such, we do not offer “Coupons” or “Discounts” – To do otherwise would be inappropriate for a physician or medical office. Please reference our reviews and make your decision on where to go for appropriate, proper and professional physician-directed weight loss and wellness treatment. Results vary and are individual.

#2: ALL patients we see get a complete metabolic and cardiac screening with appropriate lab testing and an EKG prior to being cleared for any program – particularly where appetite suppressants are prescribed.

#3: We do offer complimentary B12 Lipo injections (through our website that outlines our treatment paradigm and provide complimentary B12 Lipo injections to patients who see us for an initial consultation) for a specific purpose: We do this at our expense to encourage visits that further our primary educational goals of informing patients about health and wellness – whether they do a program with us or not.

#4: Under Florida law, there are numerous regulatory and disclosure requirements incumbent upon any business, person or physician treating in this arena, such as: The Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation “Weight-loss provider requirements” and the Florida Board of Medicine and separately regulated and mandated disclosure and provision in two different formats of the “Florida Weight Loss Consumers Bill of Rights.” We strictly follow these and the other state and federally mandated common sense measures of which many patients (and providers) are not aware. Any promises about amount of weight you will lose or any “guarantees” are not legal to make in Florida in any circumstance and go against regulations by the Board of Medicine and Department of Business and Professional Regulation.

#5: Remember, wherever you may go for “weight loss” make sure your real goal is to Live a Healthy Lifestyle that is enjoyable and sustainable and then you will not have to worry about your weight – or go through another “weight loss” program again. Results vary and are individual. Avoid fads and programs that use potentially dangerous methods such as HCG for weight loss.

#6: At Doc Weight Loss our Physicians provide all you need to make your weight loss a lasting success. Our treatments are backed up by study-proven evidence-based medicine and behavior modification techniques. Results of our programs vary and are individual.

This is what really works… Don’t wait, get started today!

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How It Works

  • Successful weight loss under medical supervision, without hunger - results vary with individuals
  • Live a healthy lifestyle without the need for constant dieting
  • Changes your lifestyle - feel great, have more energy, live better
  • Individualized nutrition and exercise programs
  • Prescription appetite suppressants available: Phentermine, Tenuate, Adipex, Topiramate, Lorcaserin (Belviq), Phentermine-Topiramate (Qsymia).
  • B12 and B12 Lipo SuperShot injections
  • Take charge of your future and your health

Orange Park

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The Facts

The facts are simple: Weight Loss is NOT A GOAL. If you consider Living a Healthy Lifestyle THE GOAL then YOU WILL SUCCEED.

Accept the fact that our bodies are made to need 4 things only: 1. Good Food (not bad food - food is one of the great pleasures of life); 2. Exercise (not a lot - 2 to 3 hours a week; take the stairs instead of the elevator, etc.); 3. Rest (enjoy your downtime and relax); and 4. Plenty of Fluids (no need to obsess about this, just do not get dehydrated).

Notice that NOWHERE ON THIS LIST is: Doctor, Shot, Pill, Hormone, Meal Plan, "Fat Burner," etc., etc.

We do have tools we can use (including prescription appetite suppressants) to get to a goal of Living an Enjoyable and Sustainable Healthy Lifestyle. So, you will not need us anymore after that.


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