Weight Loss and Healthy Lifestyle Maintenance Programs

Our Healthy Lifestyle Maintenance & Wellness Programs are for any patient who wants improved well-being

Wellness and Healthy Lifestyle Maintenance Programs

The focus here is to bring together the best in proven clinical, integrative and natural medicine for the benefit of our patients. Our Centers take an Evidence-Based-Medicine (this means study-proven) approach to our patients’ welfare – whether you are a new patient or a graduate of our Weight Loss Program. No two patients are alike. A unique approach is taken to combine nutrition therapy with dietary and exercise guidance to optimize health.

Our Wellness Programs and B-12 SuperShot Programs will improve your health and well-being. The B12 SuperShot Programs are a first on the First Coast. We offer injection and vitamin programs for energy, fat burning enhancement, hair, skin and nail health plus much more Call us and we can answer any questions you have and explain the benefits of our wellness programs.

We provide a safe and effective Healthy Lifestyle Maintenance Program. This Program utilizes defined curriculum-based education and accountability monitoring. As well, dietary counseling and support is integral to the program. THIS DRAMATICALLY IMPROVES WEIGHT LOSS SUCCESS.

This translates into our simple goal: Help our patients attain optimum health, feel great, have more energy and live better.

Call us and learn how our Wellness and Healthy Lifestyle Maintenance Programs can enhance your life and MAINTAIN YOUR WEIGHT LOSS.

Real People Real Results

  • Jessica

    I had felt over weight for awhile. I was looking to lose weight when I looked up diet programs and found Doc Weight... read more

    Jessica weight loss - Before
    Jessica Weight Loss After
  • Cindy

    I tried everything to lose weight, but I found nothing that worked. A friend referred me to Doc Weight Loss. I started at... read more

    Cindy Weight Loss Before
    Cindy Weight Loss After
  • Ashley

    After having my second child, I was determined to lose the baby weight, plus more. But after a 6 month plateau, I... read more

    Ashley before
    Ashley after
  • Kim

    I lost 28 pounds in 6 weeks with the program. I'm keeping the weight off and now I lead a much healthier lifestyle.... read more

    kim after
  • Brandie

    I have struggled with my weight for years. Tried every fad diet you can think of. Nothing worked. Doc Weight Loss gave me... read more

  • Mabel

    I went from 150 pounds to 130 pounds in less than 6 weeks. Better yet, I went from a size 10 to a... read more


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